Задача (Task) — подальфа альфы "Работа".


OMG Essence определяет следующие состояния для альфы "Задача" и контрольные вопросы для проверки каждого состояния:

Состояние State Описание состояния Контрольные вопросы
1 Определена Identified Задача определена и готова для выполнения ❑ A portion of work has been clearly identified, isolated and named as a task.

❑ The objective of the task is clear.

❑ The activities that need to be done have been clearly described.

❑ It is clear whether the task is a full team task, group task or individual task.

❑ The completion criteria for the task are clearly defined.

❑ The effort required to complete the task has been estimated and agreed

2 В работе In Progress Задача принята одним или несколькими членами команды, работа началась ❑ A team member has accepted and is progressing the task.

❑ The progress of the task is monitored.

❑ A target completion date for the task has been agreed.

❑ The amount of effort required to complete the task is being tracked

3 Выполнена Done Работа, требуемая для выполнения задачи, выполнена ❑ The task is determined to be complete according to its agreed to completion criteria.