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« The systems engineering perspective is based on systems thinking. Systems' thinking occurs through discovery, learning, diagnosis, and dialog that lead to sensing, modeling, and talking about the real-world to better understand, define, and work with systems. Systems thinking is a unique perspective on reality — a perspective that sharpens our awareness of wholes and how the parts within those wholes interrelate. A systems thinker knows how systems fit into the larger context of day-to-day life, how they behave, and how to manage them. Systems thinking recognizes circular causation, where a variable is both the cause and the effect of another and recognizes the primacy of interrelationships and non-linear and organic thinking — a way of thinking where the primacy of the whole is acknowledged.
INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook

Systems Engineering Thinking Wiki — попытка собрать в одном месте и структурировать (хоть как-то) знания о системной инженерии, проектном управлении и смежных областях.